What is concrete made from?

Concrete consists of different kinds of ingredients such as cement, pozzolans, water, coarse and fine aggregates, and additives. Concrete also tends to contain mineral colors, slag, and blended cements.


What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Concrete is used for the finished products such as structures, foundations, finished products, and the surface of roads. Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, and cement. Cement is a unique hardening ingredient (the grey powder). Cement is usually made from 60% limestone, 25% silica, 5% alumina, and 10% other materials such as iron oxide.


How is Concrete Measured:

Concrete is measured using cubic metres, One cubic metre of normal concrete tends to weight around 2.4T/m3.

If you want to get a estimation on how much concrete you will need, you can use our calculator tool.


Does concrete gain strength by drying out?

No, it is made by mixing cement, aggregates and water together. When the water and cement interact a chemical reaction begins to take place. This chemical reaction is referred to as hydration. It is the reaction between the water and the chemicals in the cement.

This reaction forms different compounds and crystals interlocking themselves create an aggregate material. The majority of the reaction occurs one month after placing the concrete.


Why is concrete grey?

Concrete can be many colours, the natural colour is gray because the cement used is a grey powdered. Iron ore is typically the core ingredient in cement which is black and that is why when mixed with other materials it turns to grey.


How long do I have to place and finish concrete?

Normal place time is within one hour of discharging concrete from the truck mixture.

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