Ready-Mix Services

  • Ready-Mix Concrete

    Ready-mix concrete is a specialty type of concrete that is manufactured in a plant or factory according to the details of the construction project.

    That product is then loaded up and delivered to a work site on mixers mounted on trucks. This process results in getting the right amount of mixture you need, developed and integrated right on-site. If you need help calculating the amount of concrete required, you can use our calculator here.

    Ready-mix concrete is frequently chosen over other materials due to its applicability and cost. It can be used from small foundations to tall buildings. It has a great life span when compared to similar products in the industry.

  • Value Added Products

    Value added products are essential to your concretes performance. These are manufactured chemicals that are added to the concrete before or during the standard mixing process.

    Admixtures are used to give additional properties to the concrete that will enhance the durability, workability, and strength of the concrete mixture.

    Typically, admixtures are used to overcome a variety of situations that pose problems to the concrete such as hot/cold weather, pumping requirements, strength requirements, or water-cement specifications.

  • Concrete Pigments

    In addition to our refined ready-mix process, we also provide coloured concrete pigments. Decorative concrete is a great choice for those that are looking to add an aesthetic enhancement to their build, while also ensuring it still serves its essential function as the structure.

    With decades of experience, and a wide array of colour choices, we can help you find the perfect rich colour that looks great, is weather resistant, and performs well. We integrate your choices into the ready-mix concrete process and deliver on-site your coloured product, with our pigment offering a consistent tone across entire slabs.

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